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Souvenier Club

In today’s fast-paced techno-savvy world, the knowledge of computers and its role in various professional fields is must. For this, the school plays an important role through properly designed curriculum and activities organised for the learners from primary level onwards. Souvenier Club of our school is devoted to activities pertaining to Computer Science. The club aims at encouraging the students to learn the application of knowledge gained within the four walls of the classroom along with the on-hand experience to plan, visualise, prepare, organise and execute different activities.The club members are the selected students from the senior section with in-depth knowledge of computer software, hardware and their various uses in different fields including programming, App designing, DJ mixing, movie making, animation, logo designing, website designing, etc. Through an Inter-School fest ‘SILICO BATTLES’ ,the students are provided a platform which involves plethora of computer related activities for classes 3-12.From the conception of the various activities to designing to preparation to final execution, the students go through real life experiences. The students become confident, develop managerial skills, be independent decision takers and at the same time realise the value of collaborative effort. How to tackle the challenges without losing the calm prepares them for the world outside the protective walls of school.

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.