Ahlcon Public SchoolMayur Vihar Ph - 1 Delhi 110091

Home Science Club

Home Science or the science of Home is an important part of school curriculum. It educates the learners for ‘better living’ by imparting the education pertaining to person, home, family and resources. To understand the science behind making a home beautiful and people in it healthy, the school has Home Science Club for the students of classes 6-12. The club deals with promotion and preservation of general health matters, understanding the dietary needs of individuals, importance of balanced diet, enhance their culinary skills along with basics of hospitality. General hygiene, sewing, embroidery, presentation of food prepared, table layout, etc. are few other areas that are focused upon. Apart from being regularly involved in hospitality during different school events, cookery competitions, learning new recipes from different states of India and abroad are some of the activities taken up by the club. The club equips the learners with the knowledge and skills that are of great importance now and in the future.

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