Ahlcon Public SchoolMayur Vihar Ph - 1 Delhi 110091

Health And Social Club

The Health and Social Welfare Club is a group of individuals dedicated to generating awareness about various societal vices, environmental problems and health hazards. It is closely affiliated with the Delhi Department of Education, sending periodic reports on the state and progress of the students and staff.

Following its ideology of self-reliance, the club vows to protect and make ready the students from the dangers that the world presents before them, within and without the safe walls of Ahlcon Public School.  Through these members, the school seeks to channel goodwill into the young minds that it protects, participating in various donation drives and collection campaigns.

The club participates in various government schemes for student health, such as the Deworming Initiative, and Tobacco Free Activities and makes the students more prepared by conducting workshops on physical and mental health related issues and invigorating their competitive spirits by organizing various writing and poster-making competitions.

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.