Ahlcon Public SchoolMayur Vihar Ph - 1 Delhi 110091

House System

The House system helps the students to explore their talents and learn valuable lessons of collaboration and selfless service.
The Four Houses and their motto:

  • Dhruv

    "Devoted Endeavour"


    Mr. Jagdish Prasad (Sr. Secondary)

    Ms. Shalini Saxena(Primary)

  • Eklavya

    "Perseverance ensures Success"


    Ms. Vanita Sharma (Sr. Secondary)

    Ms. Sumedha Varshney (Primary)

  • Prahlad

    "Fortune favours the Brave"


    Ms. Mili Dutta (Sr. Secondary)

    Ms. Neha Jain (Primary)

  • Shravan

    "Service before Self"


    Mr. Vikram (Sr. Secondary)

    Ms. Ritu Jain (Primary)

Quote of the day

The number one skill in life is- 'Not Giving-up'. – Bryant McGill